Mormon Women of Old

Patty Sessions is well known in Mormon History. She was a mid-wife, and a plural wife. Her daily writings speak of the hardships of life and is a record of births. On occasion she gives s a glimpse of her life as a plural wife. She had an issue when her husband brought home one young girl who decided she had no intention of pitching-in to help with the chores. This additional wife caused friction in many ways, mostly because she was young , self-centered and disrespectful. Patty, as midwife, earned her keep. And, as we progress from one journal to another, we find that while she held some resentment when her husband spent the night in the next room with his other wife/wives, she did believe that it was God’s will that her husband have more than one wife. It seems to me that she didn’t really need a man to be fulfilled. Always busy assisting in the numerous births, she was a self-reliant woman who earned her keep and accepted what the church leaders taught—including polygamy.


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