How Many Wives?

While searching the web and reviewing blogspots, I find that polygamy is a  topic that continues to be discussed even by those who claim to be exMormons.  We can imagine it from many different perspectives, but how did those whose lives were touched by polygamy feel about it?  The answer surprises.  Patty Sessions, mid-wife and plural wife,  kept a diary and shared her thoughts;  Mrs. Fanny Stenhouse wrote and published a book, as well as  Ann Eliza Young, also known as Brigham Young’s apostate wife.  Jean Rio, while never a plural wife, was touched deeply by polygamy, while Mary Parker grieved so over the fact that her husband had taken other wives, that she became depressed, physically ill, and then died. She felt that many of the sisters preferred death to sharing their  husbands. I was struck by these women and what they had to say.  According to them, any of us who have contemplated polygamy thought it all wrong.  Tomorrow we’ll meet mid-wife, Patty Sessions


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